REACTOR - Photochromic Safety Glasses UV400 Z87.1 OSHA Compliant - Transitions

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Lens Option: Red Mirrored

  • New Titanium Oxide Lens Coatings go from Clear Mirror to Dark Mirror
  • Option - Photochromic Yellow to Smoke with Red Titanium Oxide Coating
  • FREE Adjustable/Removable Rubber Ear Locks and Case
  • Goes from High Contrast Yellow to a Smoke Yellow/Green color
  • Auto Lightens and Darkens from Indoors to Outdoors
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ Standards for Safety Eyewear.

Note* these are yellow photochromic lenses which tend to brighten things. Since your pupils are slowly adjusting to the lenses as they darkening down, your perception might be that things are still bright because of the yellow lenses even though the shade has darkened down quite a bit. This allows you to still have that contrast even in conditions where plain yellow lenses would be be too bright. If you plan to use the glasses in mostly sunny conditions, the mirrored version will help by reflecting the sunlight more. 

To understand how much they do darken down you can test them in bright sunlight by blocking part of the lens before putting it in bright sunlight, hold it there for a minute and then remove the blocker, you will see the difference on how much they actually darken down. 

Cleaning Spits Eyewear safety glasses is essential to keep them in good condition and maintain their effectiveness. First, rinse the glasses with cold or warm water to remove dust or dirt. Next, apply a small amount of dish soap on both sides of the lenses and rub them gently with your fingers. Rinse the glasses with water again and pat dry with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using hot water, abrasive cleaners, or tissues to clean safety glasses; they can damage the lenses and reduce their effectiveness. Repeat this process regularly to ensure clear vision and long-lasting safety.

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