Mag-Safe Bifocal Magnifying Safety Glasses

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Magnifier: 1.25

Having issues keeping your glasses on your face while bent over working? Our soft silicone rubber ear retainers keep your glasses locked securely onto your face. No more sliding down your nose, you can concentrate on the task at hand knowing your safety glasses are securely fixed to your face

  • Bifocal Magnifying Safety Glasses
  • Comes with free microfiber pouch and our soft silicone ear lock retainers, no more pushing your safety glasses up on your nose while you are bent over working
  • FREE microfiber cleaning/storage pouch $4.95 value
  • Scratch resistant coating

Cleaning Spits Eyewear safety glasses is essential to keep them in good condition and maintain their effectiveness. First, rinse the glasses with cold or warm water to remove dust or dirt. Next, apply a small amount of dish soap on both sides of the lenses and rub them gently with your fingers. Rinse the glasses with water again and pat dry with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using hot water, abrasive cleaners, or tissues to clean safety glasses; they can damage the lenses and reduce their effectiveness. Repeat this process regularly to ensure clear vision and long-lasting safety.

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